There Are Places In Our Heads
One Can Travel To

February 5, Saturday
Bjørnevatn Sentralhallen, 100 Kr.
Free entrance for those under 18

Contemporary Dance Opera
Since 2008 the Berlin-based artist duet SpringerParker have been travelling around the Finnmark county in a motor caravan. During several artistic explorations they’ve been observing the region, while collecting images, sounds and stories for their archives – memories that are now transformed into a Contemporary Dance Opera about the landscape, the environment and the people.
«The longer we travelled in Finnmark and got to know the people, the more this northern part of Norway appeared to us like an island with its own rules and principles. Based on and inspired by what we have learnt and experienced, this music is meant as a symphony to Finnmark, dedicated to the people with the will to stand their ground and face the future in a region of vast social, climatic and industrial changes and developments.»
There Are Places In Our Heads One Can Travel To is a journey through the seasons of the past and of today and of things to come, calling for your eyes and ears and most of all: for your mind. You will hear the temperature rising and sinking to its extreme, and you will feel the Arctic breathing.

Concept/images/music: SpringerParker (Germany).
Opera singer: Lilly Jørstad (Norway).
Musicians: Bram Stadhouders (guitar), Bob Heuvelmans (harp) (Holland).
Choreographer: Adrienne Hart (Great Britain).
String quartet: Viktor Orri Árnason, Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason, Louis Bona, Karl Jóhann Bjarnason (Iceland).
Ballet-dancers from the State Musical Theatre of Karelia (Russia):
Semen Ruban, Vladimir Varnava, Eduard Demidov and Anatolii Skuratov.

Produced by Pikene på Broen and SpringerParker.