Everything Is Made in China

February 4, Friday
Fjellhallen, kr. 370

Part one of the double concert (together with John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen)

Everything is made in China (aka EIMIC) is one of the leading Russian indie/ post-rock/ inditronica-bands. The band released their first songs at the Internet in 2006, and quickly gained Russian indie-fans attention, and all conserts in Moscow and St.Petersburgh were fully packed. In 2007 – as one of very few Russian indie bands – EIMIC chose to record their first album abroad, at The Toronto “Chemical Sound” studio (famous for sound engineers Dean Marino and Jay Saldovski, as well as successful records of Tokio police Club, C’Mon, Attack In Black, Goodspeed! You Black Emperor). The album was simply named “4”, and merged post-rock, guitar indie, shoegazing and electronica into songs that were both sharp and heartfelt. EIMIC always uses visual expressions to undermine the sound of their music. The audience can expect a total experience of sound and pictures!

Arr: Pikene på Broen.