Titanick: "Furnace Symphony"

February 2, Wednesday
Town Square

A magic hour in the Polar Night with the “Furnace Symphony” by the German urban Theater Titanick. Furnaces and pipes, breathing out fire cauldrons, symbolize industrialization of the North, but the Titanick orchestra turns them into musical instruments. A frenetic blend of rhythm, fire and machinery.

Official opening of Barents Spektakel/ Barents Days 2011 by Her Majesty the Queen Sonja,
Mayor of Sør-Varanger Municipality Linda Beate Randal,
artistic director Luba Kuzovnikova.

Theater Titanick
Theater Titanick was established in 1990 in Münster. The fall of the Berlin Wall made it possible for the artists from Münster, west-Germany, and Leipzig, east-Germany, to form the original group. By now Titanick has expanded into an award-winning international open-air theatre with 28 countries on their tour-list. The company still takes advantage of its east-west profile: the main production centre is in Leipzig and the management centre and rehearsal rooms are in Münster.