Arctic Score

February 2, Wednesday, 19.00
Fjellhallen. Kr. 200

The Arctic map of today is being re-drawn as a result of climate changes, undiscovered resources in the off-shore areas, development of the global logistics and transportation routes, etc. There is a rising international anxiety over who controls the Arctic seabed. Many old and new stakeholders re-consider and “update” their claims for the “Arctic pie”.
The borders in the Arctic are still negotiated. A 40-year-old dispute over dividing the Barents Sea and part of the Arctic Ocean was resolved by the Russian President and the Norwegian Prime-Minister this year. Other claims in the Arctic are still on the agenda and remain the unresolved issues between Canada, Russia, USA, Denmark, etc. The precedent of the “golden medium” is set – what’s next?

This background is a point of departure for a new music production: “Arctic Score”. Russian, Norwegian and Finnish folk music meet traditional sports, and the holistic choreography shows the historic context between music and sports.
Alexey Arkhipovskiy, Moscow, balalaika (one calls him Russian balalaika’s Jimi Hendrix) – on the stage together with Russian fist-fighters.
Ragnhild Furebotten, Troms, fiddle (a flamboyant musician whom we remember from Barents Spektakel 2008) – on the stage with 6 brass players and Norwegian ”halling”/”høfsar”-dancers.
Kimmo Pohjonen, Helsinki, accordion (we remember this ”techno accordion-terrorist” from Barents Spektakel 2009) – on the stage together with the Finnish, Norwegian and Russian wrestlers. Historically, wrestling has been the most popular border-crossing sport that greatly contributed to collaboration across the borders between Norway, Russia and Finland since early in the Soviet Union!
A music-show featuring a symbolic fight/ competition on the Arctic battlefield. Do we fight to win or can we work out rules that lead to optimal solutions and “scores”?

Brass-musicians: Frode Nymo (alto saxophone), Geir Lysne (tenor saxophone), Marius Haltli (trumpet), Anders Eriksson (trumpet, flugelhorn), Helge Sunde (trombone), Lars Andreas Haug (tuba).
Choreographers: Ari Numminen (FI), Sigurd Johan Heide (NO).
Wrestlers: Kosti Kerve, Rami Ahonen from Helsinki, Alexander Sytnik and Ilya Chernyshov from Murmansk, two young wrestlers from Kirkenes.
Fist-fighters: Artem Sinev, Andrey Veselov, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Igor Sozonov (Apatity).
Dancers: Sigurd Johan Heide, Bjørnar Heimdal from North Norway.
Sound design: Arild Johnsen, Heikki Iso-Ahola.
Light design: Tor Ditlevsen.
Assistants: Evgeny Goman, Anna Lankinen.
Production: Pikene på Broen and Anders Eriksson.

Idea: Pikene på Broen.